Fehlinger Construction Group, LLC, is a family owned, fully bonded, fully insured, PennDOT prequalified utility construction company operating in Pennsylvania and surrounding States. The company was formed in 2009 by Herb Fehlinger, PLS, and Charles Fehlinger, Esq. Herb Fehlinger is a licensed Surveyor and has over 30 years of experience in the utility construction industry. Prior to forming Fehlinger Construction, Herb was a general superintendent at a large utility construction company for over 18 years. In his capacity as a general superintendent, Herb supervised a vast array of large construction projects including gas pipelines, water pipelines, sewer pipelines and large water treatment plants in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and the island of Antigua. In 1997, Herb formed his own company where he served as President and CEO for 13 years and handled over $30 million of utility contract work on a yearly basis. Charles Fehlinger is a licensed attorney and has over 15 years of utility construction experience. Charles has been involved in the construction and installation of gas pipelines, water pipelines, sanitary sewer pipelines, and water treatment