Fehlinger Construction Group, LLC, seeks experienced laborers, operators, welders, project managers and surveyors. Fehlinger Construction Group, LLC, is a regional utility, site, and environmental contractor operating throughout Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. We offer competitive wages, health insurance and 401K match. Inquiries can be directed to 570-696-2792, resumes can be faxed to 570-696-2819, or complete our online application below

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    Flatbed Truck Rod Person
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    CDL Concrete Stringline
    End Loader Pipe Layer
    Motor Grader Dragline/Pan
    Excavator Off Road Truck
    Backhoe Chainsaw
    Dozer Labor
    Welder Foreman
    Lube Superintendent
    Mechanic Accounting
    Crew Chief Receptionist
    Surveyor Other

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